Why do I need AMP Ready Pages for my website?

Google & Facebook – Artificial Intelligence is changing the digital search experience

Search engines have become an integral part of almost every day life and giants like Google & Microsoft are continuously investing in their search engines to make search results more accurate and convenient for users. Google in particular is continuously adding new features and improving the search algorithms. When filtering results across this wide network, […]

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Redesigned Google Analytics mobile app – Don’t be more than a tap away from your data

With years of experience in this ever changing market, we have noticed that the pace of Google changes is relentless. Once again Google has exceeded our expectations and has made it easier to monitor and share the Google Analytics data with a new updated app. The app is available for both Android and iOS and […]

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No Social Engineering Content – Google is Making the Web Safer

In November Google announced that Safe browsing would protect us from social engineering attacks or in other words the deceptive tactics which can trick us to install unwanted software or revealing a user’s personal information – maybe a password, credit card or any other valuable information. Before sharing the announcement, we would love to explain […]

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Make sure your website allows Googlebots in as Google updates its smartphone user-agent

On a recent blog Google announced that from April 18, 2016 we will be updating its smartphone user agent Googlebot crawler to Android from iPhone. Google said it should have no impact on websites but if one is worried they should check their website with the Fetch and Render Tool in the Search Console. Google […]

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