What makes Bootstrap an ideal choice for website development?

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Designers need a solid foundation when developing a website to cater for all types of website demands. It should also be flexible enough for customisation and thanks to some skilled developers, we have various CSS frameworks to choose from. Among these frameworks are Bootstrap – a powerful, mobile friendly option that is built with CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. It offers many advantages instead of starting from scratch, one being the variety of readily available / reusable components that are easy to use. With a single code base one can create buttons, forms, tables, dropdowns and so on. It comprises of three major files, glyphicons or font icons, Bootstrap.css and Bootstrap.js.

Ease of use

Available with basic HTML and CSS templates this is very easy to use. Accompanied with a javascript library, this framework can be combined with CSS, SASS or less, and on top of that it has the property of adaptability. You just have to download the files from various sources available across the web to include the files in your HTML document. As soon as you do this, you are good to go.

The grid system

Like any grid system, the Bootstrap grid is a library of HTML/CSS components that allow you to place a website’s content in desired locations easily. Bootstrap’s grid system needs a container to hold rows and columns. The container provides the proper width for the layout and acts as a wrapper. Bootstrap is built on responsive 12-column grid layout system. It has four different classes depending on the device, and can be combined with one another to create flexible layouts. Offsetting and nesting is also possible in fixed and fluid width layouts.

HTML/CSS elements

A website generally includes headings, tables, buttons, labels, etc. Since Bootstrap is an HTML and CSS front-end framework, it makes the styling and design process even simpler. It provides users with basic templates which are easy to use and improve.

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Easy to integrate JavaScript plugins

Bootstrap has exceptional documentation available, which is useful for both learner and experts. Bootstrap provides several JavaScript plugins to make the designing process easier and integrating these plugins to the website is also very simple.

Good Support

Bootstrap is an open source community of Github, with friendly support from the experts across the web and is continually being updated meaning if there is anything wrong, you can easily get the support of experts.

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