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Where to position your logo

Does your site have stunning web design? Check. Does it feature fantastic content and images? You bet. Nonetheless, if you’re business logo is situated in the wrong place; it can seriously damage your brand recognition. Top left corner The number one spot to place your business logo is in the top left, which is precisely […]

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The importance of SEO in web design

If you own a business and your website isn’t SEO optimised then you could be seriously missing out on additional revenue. SEO is one of the most crucial investments that you can make as a business as the investment will produce long-term value for your website that will make your company and brand more visible. […]

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The Importance of Great Web Design

I’ve been running a number of pizza shops in the Birmingham and Solihull area for the last 20 years. Over time, my chain of stores has built a reputation for great quality pizzas and fantastic homemade coleslaw, but recently a large national pizza chain had opened nearby that dramatically affected the number of delivery orders […]

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