Top 5 Trending Website Designs in 2022

Website design Birmingham

Web design is a vital part of any website/business and it also represents your businesses future. A Website designers team combines new technological methods with upgrades in innovations/animations that occur every year. 2022 has been keeping its promises to look more advanced than before! Here are the latest trending designs for 2022. Website Designs – […]

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Signs that your Website Needs a Revamp

Web Design Solihull

One of the most frequently asked queries we receive from businesses is, “How to know that I need a new website?” This is an important question because your website is your company’s digital face/first impression and may be one of your best sources of leads and revenue. In this write-up we will talk about a […]

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5 core elements of website design

WordPress Developers

There are many website builder packages advertised online and on TV but have you ever wondered about the main elements that make up a website design? The idea of putting together a DIY website in your living room in Solihull might seem simple, but five core elements merge within web design to deliver the best […]

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The role of page layout within website design

Website Design Agency

Website design is an all-encompassing term that pertains to the many and varied disciplines that combine to create a functional website and page layouts are one of the most vital. If executed well, the page layout will aid the overall user experience resulting in longer browsing times and increased leads and conversions. Within the page […]

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The benefits of Word Press CMS

WordPress Developers in Solihull

A content management system is vital for the success of any eCommerce website, and one of the most popular for business owners in Birmingham and across the globe is Word Press. Since the launch of Word Press in 2003, it has helped many successful eCommerce website owners propel their businesses forward, and below we’ll explore […]

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Why Your Business Should Embrace Web Design

WordPress Websites

It’s almost inconceivable to some that any Birmingham or Solihull business in 2019 may not have a website. But while some may say that not every business needs a website, all commercial enterprises can benefit from a foray into the world of web design. Lots of business owners are daunted by website design because it’s […]

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The elements of website brand building

Digital Marketing Ideas

If you’re a budding entrepreneur looking to unite your new brand with a website, there is several website design factors that you need to consider. Building a consistent brand on your website is what will help attract and retain customers. Every element of the site, from fonts to colours, will have an impact on the […]

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