Developing A Successful Android App Project

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The Android app is a major consideration for any project these days. Developing an android app is a seamless process but there are some major considerations before you go too far.

Whether you are developing the app for your client or a business, you need a clear idea about your customers needs, wants and expectations are.

Before you spend money on the Android app, ensure that you have a clear picture of what your app is capable of doing. Questions like:

  • Will the end users find it useful?
  • Will the app be potent enough the solve their concerns?
  • Is there a market for this app?
  • What legal requirements are there for this specific type of app?

Technology Matters

Technology really matters for your Android app. So, as soon as you have a clear idea of end users and their requirements, you should decide how to proceed with the app development process. Most developers prefer Java, but RxJava is an interesting alternative for your developer to consider. Java has huge open source support making it easier developers to work with. It protects you from problems like memory leaks, bad pointer usage, etc. and is designed to be reliable and secure to boot.

Choosing API’s
An Application Programming Interface or as it’s more commonly referred to API, is a set of clear protocols, definitions and tools to help with building apps. When building an app you want to keep all the complex logic out of the app itself and process them on the server in the back end. This is the benefit of using API’s as they are a clear set of rules to follow to integrate with. For example if you wanted the app to show the latest weather, you could use an API from a weather source to get the information to the app and then display it how you wish.

Once the development is complete, the next step is to fully test the app. You should always test with a small audience first so they can help iron out any potential glitches or give feedback on parts they found unintuitive. Once you are happy with the feedback you are all set to go. The app can then be launched on the app store as soon as it has passed Android’s approval process.

Simon Sloan

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