Below is a selection of different work we have carried out.

Amir Khan

We were asked to build the new Amir Khan website.

Being a world famous boxer this site needed to focus heavily on social media to interact with Amir’s supporters. This is why we have integrated Twitter and Instagram feeds on the website.

Amir Khan

E-Commerce Websites

Fully functional e-commerce websites with order systems, payment options that are easily updatable.

We can also integrate with Ebay and Amazon stores if needed.

E-Commerce Website

Bespoke Functionality

We can create custom built functionality to run on all websites.

One example was the build of a bespoke finance calculator which is linked to an online marketing tool that generates a quote, emails the client and sends out repeat emails in the future.


Website Design

We build most of our websites on the WordPress Content Management System (CMS). This allows you to easily update certain sections of the site such as the Latest News area without having to understand complicated web design code.

By using WordPress it also means we are able to adapt quickly to any changes Google makes if you are on an SEO plan with us.

Website Design
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