PPC is a very effective way of advertising your business online. By choosing key search terms and creating unique adverts your listing will show either above the organic search results or to the side (as can be seen in the graphic). You are only charged when someone clicks on your advert.


Getting the right PPC Strategy for your business takes a combination of researching your target market, finding out what your customers are searching and then putting this all together into an effective campaign that fits within your monthly budget.


This is a sophisticated and highly effective way of increasing conversions from visitors on your site. The way it works is if a visitor to your site comes via a PPC advert, this ad will follow them around the internet for a period of time – resulting in them more return traffic to your website.


You’re in control – one of the great things about PPC is that you can pause and restart a campaign at any time so if you want to take a break because you’re snowed under with work, its not a problem. Ads can also be set to run at times your potential customers are searching thus maximising your return on investment. Just phone and we will explain the best settings for your campaign!