Why content writing is critical for SEO

content writing

The SEO strategy for any successful website begins with high-quality content writing. However, before we get into the nuts and bolts of why content writing is critical for SEO and how an SEO agency utilises it, let’s briefly explore the concept behind content writing. The fundamental theory that underpins content writing is the style you write, the keywords you choose, where you position them, and the value and relevancy of your content will help Google determine where to rank your landing page, product page or blog. Content writing isn’t the only on-page SEO you can develop to help your pages rank higher, but it is the most influential and here are five reasons why.

Effective SEO depends on strategic keyword use

The Google search algorithms used today are a far removal from the early iterations of named Google updates, such as Florida and Jagger from 2003 and 2005, respectively. During this time, the algorithm has evolved to allow for much more sophisticated methods of ranking web pages, but keywords still play a considerable role in SEO. One way to test the impact of keywords in blog posts is to use various keywords and see how much higher they rank depending on their relevancy and value to the reader.

Valuable content leads to endorsement through social media platforms

Unless you have an endless pot of money to throw at large-scale digital marketing campaigns, a reputable SEO agency would advise that creating quality content is the most profitable method of gaining higher Google rankings. The more valuable your content, the more social currency it will receive from platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. When users share your blog pages across social media, Google picks up on these interactions and perceives them as endorsements of your content.

Organic backlinks are possible with high-quality content

Backlinks provide what is sometimes known in the industry as ‘link juice. Suppose another website has found your content informative or relevant to some content on their website. In that case, they will provide a link to your web page, thus validating to Google that your content is helpful for readers. The more organic backlinks a page has, the more likely Google is to rank that page higher for specific keywords.

Keep on creating content

If you’ve created your website and the initial content ranks well on organic search engine results, then it’s no time to rest on your laurels. Unless you keep adding fresh content, your website can lose its value in the eyes of the algorithm, so ensuring new blog posts are added to your website regularly will give Google something to rank.

Search Task Accomplishment

Search Task Accomplishment has been a growing influence in Google rankings for the last few years. It tops the list of Google ranking factors, with the algorithm asking if your content solves a query from a user search. If your content writing answers or solves a specific search query, then Google will use this as evidence to lend your content more authority and rank it higher in the search results.

Whereas SEO used to be a standalone feature of digital marketing, it is now combined with your entire marketing strategy to deliver great content to engage readers and lead to higher rankings. If you need the assistance of an expert and professional SEO agency to deliver better content, contact Koenig Web Design today.