Don’t Be Surprised When Search Console Data Doesn’t Match The Data Of Another SEO Tools?

Search Console Data

Yes, it happens when we compare the Search Console data with other seo tools data. Many of our clients had asked us in past that why their Search Console data doesn’t match the data from the rest of the SEO tools that we use to analyse the website traffic, impressions and more? If you too have such queries, then you might get yours resolved here.  

  1. The Search Console does additional data processing to handle duplicate content, spam etc.
  2. Some of the tools that we use to analyse the seo data track the traffic only from javascript enabled users.
  3. Every tool has its own keyword defining strategies. Let’s consider some of the examples here.
    1. When you talk about the keywords added in the Search Console, they are the most significant keywords that Google has found on your website.
    2. When looking at Google AdWords it displays the results that most users have searched for.
    3. When considering Google Analytics, it combines both the properties of Search Console and Adword paid keywords.
  4. Analytics track visits for websites that use correct javascript code.
  5. Websites which don’t have the javascript code will be tracked in Search Console via the search result or if Google crawls your website.
  6. Sometimes the search analytics doesn’t show all the data to protect the users privacy, this ensures that no one can’t obtain sensitive information.
  7. If you own multiple hosts for your domain (for example, and, you might see your click and impression counts drop for each host because of the clicks count confusion.

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