Google & Facebook – Artificial Intelligence is changing the digital search experience

Artificial Intelligence

Search engines have become an integral part of almost every day life and giants like Google & Microsoft are continuously investing in their search engines to make search results more accurate and convenient for users. Google in particular is continuously adding new features and improving the search algorithms. When filtering results across this wide network, Artificial Intelligence is playing an important role in bringing the best results for users.

How does Facebook use the AI?

As well as search engines, Facebook uses Artificial Intelligence. Consider this example. Have you ever wondered how Facebook can tag your group photos automatically? This is where Artificial Intelligence comes in. By replicating the human brain and absorbing data using deep neural networks, Facebook can tag people accordingly!

Where does Google use AI?

Most SEO firms are aware of the Google RankBrain which feeds approximately 15% of search queries and prioritises them by predicting the rank of websites on SERPs. This is where Google is using a part of the Artificial Intelligence called neural network system.

AI categories

AI can be classified into three main categories, i.e. Artificial Narrow Intelligence, Artificial General Intelligence and Artificial Super Intelligence. The first one needs to be triggered by human interaction and powers most of the daily activities on the internet. The second one is an advanced version of the ANI and used to sort out the complicated issues, and the last one is capable of adapting to scientific creativity.

Steve Nightingale

Steve Nightingale is the Digital Marketing Head at Koenig Web Design. As a Social Media, SEO & SEM expert with over 6 years’ experience in online marketing, he uses his vast industry knowledge to formulate strategies to meet customer goals.