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We all are aware of the phenomenal growth of eCommerce businesses in the past few years. The open source e-commerce plugin WooCommerce is popular among retail giants and is a free plugin in WordPress. Launched in 2011, thousands of businesses in the UK and throughout the World prefer this plugin over others options because of its reliability and long lasting support. Right from small to larger businesses, WooCommerce can be used to power all types of businesses. Here are some of the free extensions of WooCommerce you can use for your eCommerce requirements.

Google Analytics Integration Extension
Whether it is a simple website or an eCommerce store, everyone understands the value of the Google Analytics tool. It is easy to set it up on a simple WordPress website but when one has to integrate it to the commerce store it could be a challenge. WooCommerce offer the Google Analytics Integration Extension to help to fuse your Google Analytics Account into your online store. This facilty can easily track who buy from your store. Depending upon the statistics you can take the appropriate action for the improvements.

This is one of the most desirable extensions that WooCommerce provides from customising the theme to the security of your online store, it does it all. One needs to connect their self-hosted site to and then Jetpack will take care of everything else. It can provide site owners with glimpses of their traffic and stats in an easier way than GA.

If one wants their customers to be able to track their order after shipment, Aftership can help track the order from source to destination. One needs to enter their tracking number and to see the entire movement of your order from source to destination with ease, and thus makes the shopping experience of your customers seamless. It provides real-time updates through UPS or any local carrier, paid plans provide this information through email as well.

We all know that Social Media is the best way to promote a business and with the AddShoppers extension, one can easily share their products across social media. It shows ROI, clicks and more.

Product Details Customiser
If one wants to differentiate their online store then Product Details Customiser is the product for you. One can customise their product detail page and can take action to show/hide, images, details, related products, etc.

These are some WooCommerce extensions that WordPress provides and there are many others like these to help you to take your online store to new heights. Our team of web designers has years of experience working with WordPress and WooCommerce and can help your business to grow with a tailor made solution. If you are in Birmingham or Solihull and need an eCommerce solution for your business, phone us for a free no hassle meeting at your home or office!

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