The importance of SEO in web design

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If you own a business and your website isn’t SEO optimised then you could be seriously missing out on additional revenue. SEO is one of the most crucial investments that you can make as a business as the investment will produce long-term value for your website that will make your company and brand more visible.

SEO is paramount

There are literally billions of terms punched into search engines every day which means that maintaining a website that ranks high on the first page of results is paramount. Only by being visible can your website gain visitors that can lead to conversions.

By having a website that is SEO optimised means if you sell Birmingham Gin, and someone searches the term ‘Birmingham Gin’, then your site should appear in the top three or four results for that search.

Mobile browsing increases the need for optimised SEO

Over the last few years, if you’re a web designer, you will know that mobile browsing has overtaken desktop so now when people are searching for particular goods or services, they are primed and ready to purchase. This can produce tangible consequences for websites that have invested in SEO. For instance, if someone is searching places to eat in Birmingham while they are on the go, then it provides every business in that area a similar chance to rank for that search if their website is SEO optimised. This means it can be just as beneficial for a small business to invest in SEO as it is for larger companies.

Higher rankings lead to more sales

Studies have indicated that when people are looking to make an online purchase many will conduct research first and around four out of five will dismiss paid-ads. They tend to focus on those websites which list high for organic results. The logic behind this is that the more relevant and valuable your website is to a search term, the higher it will rank and the more credible your company will appear to potential customers.
SEO will maintain its place as an essential tool for a web designer to attract visitors and potential customers to your website. As consumers become more net savvy, they will understand the importance of rankings within search engines and the impact this has on how a businesses trust and authority is perceived. Online shopping isn’t going away which is why any web designer will always value SEO so highly.

Steve Nightingale

Steve Nightingale is the Digital Marketing Head at Koenig Web Design. As a Social Media, SEO & SEM expert with over 6 years’ experience in online marketing, he uses his vast industry knowledge to formulate strategies to meet customer goals.