The role of page layout within website design

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Website design is an all-encompassing term that pertains to the many and varied disciplines that combine to create a functional website and page layouts are one of the most vital. If executed well, the page layout will aid the overall user experience resulting in longer browsing times and increased leads and conversions. Within the page layout strategy, there are various tactics a web design team can deploy, including navigation tools, use of white space, calls to action and more. These multiple tactics can provide a formidable page layout that delivers an exceptional user experience if well thought out and planned.


In website design, one of the first rules of page layout is to keep the navigation clear so that users’ intuitively understand how to get to the page they want quickly. There are several navigation tools a web design team can use to assist users’ in manoeuvring around the site, such as top bar navigation or sidebar tools. Breadcrumbs are a subsidiary navigation option that shows users’ where they are on a site and how to return to where they began. For instance, on an eCommerce site for a Birmingham based clothes shop, a user might initially click on a product page for trainers but can see the precise relation to the footwear category page.

Using white space with website design

One of the most unappreciated factors in page design is the use of white space. The use of clear and uncluttered space on a web page allows the user to experience a sense of balance between the different design elements. It can help the user from one part of the content to another logically and highlight certain features similar to a hyperlink. The more naturally the content, words, images and video flow, the more likely the user is to find the website valuable and return.

Prominent calls to action

It doesn’t matter how you have targeted certain users’ to come to your website, whether by a landing page or through paid traffic. What matters is what action you would like them to take once they are there. The call to action is primarily the marketer’s domain, but within website design, there are two main points to consider; the call to action should always be above the fold, meaning the user doesn’t have to scroll down, and it should be prominent and bright. For instance, if you wanted people to sign up for an event in Birmingham city centre, you could use a call to action button that remains static as the user navigates around the page.
layout within website design
Make it simple and organised

To deliver frustration-free experiences that will likely result in users’ returning and converting to sales, simplicity in web design is crucial. By not overloading the senses with lots of colours, flashing images and providing an organic movement between content and navigation will benefit the page layout immensely. Clear headings with explicit links interspersed with liberal amounts of white space is a web convention we can all appreciate. If you own a business in Birmingham and feel you could benefit from expert advice for your website, contact Koenig Web Design for an informal consultation.

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