Top 5 Trending Website Designs in 2023

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Web design is a vital part of any website/business and it also represents your businesses future. A Website designers team combines new technological methods with upgrades in innovations/animations that occur every year. 2023 has been keeping its promises to look more advanced than before! Here are the latest trending designs for 2023.

Website Designs – the Trends in 2023

  • Memphis design
  • Retro revolution
  • Engaging interactives
  • Moving type
  • Handmade graphics

Memphis design

This design is one of the artistic styles originally used in the 1980s. It is linked to the ‘Gaudi’ style, combining chaotic shapes and patterns together. In the 1980s, Memphis design was allegedly the preferred taste of art critics making this style of web design more approachable, adventurous, and colourful. This design will not let your visitors forget you in a hurry!

Retro revolution

With so many designs available today, some web designers have looked back to those early designs of the 1990s. Web 1.0 in the1990s consisted of bright backgrounds, robotic typefaces and visible table layouts. At the time of implementation this website design was sometimes met with ‘raised eyebrows’, however, web designers in 2023 are putting their own spin on this trend and using the very latest techniques.

In the 1990s internet was full of unwanted gimmicks, colours and graphics. It was also the era when rules were few and far between so any modern interpretation needs to be constructed in a very different way.

Engaging interactives

Nowadays websites sometimes use text animation or videos in order to take websites to new heights. 2022 shows how these animated techniques encourage more significant website engagement, such as clicking, dragging, and swiping. One new trend is to create new experiences that make visitors feel more like detectives by digging the page to disclose hidden secrets.

Moving type

An expert website designer knows that typography can do more just than passing information—it should engage the visitor. Web designers in 2022, are taking this principle further with moving type. Moving text can be unexpected and fresh, even when there are simple animations like side-scrolling/circular rotations.

Top 5 Trending Website Designs

Handmade graphics

The above shows 2023’s trends & technology in web designing and we are also seeing an increase in the use of DIY graphics.


Many of us are more conservative and may wish to pick only certain aspects from each style, and there is nothing wrong with that. Always listen to your Web Designer and keep up with the latest trends but that doesn’t mean to say it all needs to be done now. Get a design that they know works and then make tiny changes over time so it doesn’t alienate potential users with a ‘too much too soon’ look.