Website builders are not the future of web design

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Across the internet is a throng of website builders that allow anyone to dip their toe into the world of website design, but how valuable a tool are website builders and are they a better alternative to professional web design?

Uncomplicated creations

There’s no doubting the ease of use of website builders such as Wix, and the pre-installed templates and designs mean anyone can start placing content on the internet within minutes, but they do have some extensive limitations. Despite the customer support available, website builders suffer from clunky performance, slow loading pages, poor SEO rankings, lack of customisation for your business requirements, and a generally terrible user experience – all of the features in which website design in Birmingham excels.

Professional web development increases your online footprint

Using a professional and knowledgeable web developer in Birmingham will give your business the best chance of being an online success. They will work with you to establish a method and design to ensure they embody your vision within your new website with complete alignment with your business brand and values.

Alongside the ability to customise your website, web developers can use their expertise to deliver a finely tuned SEO design that will help search engines crawl and index your site and, with the right content, help achieve excellent search engine results for your chosen keywords.

Traditional is still the best

Given its relative newness, it sounds peculiar to describe professional web development as a traditional web design method, but it isn’t odd to say it’s still the best. Search engine algorithms are complicated beasts, and it takes someone familiar with the quirks of these systems to understand how to work with them to optimise websites to achieve the best results. If you own a business in Birmingham and are looking for expert web development, contact Koenig web design today.