Why Website Landing Pages are Key to Conversion?

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You may have heard the term landing page mentioned in connection with a website’s conversion rate, but what is a landing page, and how does it help with conversion rate?

So what is a landing page?

A landing page is a web page designed to encourage the visitor to take a specific action. You have already persuaded them to click on a targeted link through your online marketing channel, and now you need an effective landing page to complete the conversion or generate a new lead. You can use a landing page for advertising anything, a new range of products, service or a subscription to a mailing list. Ultimately you are looking for contact details for marketers to turn into sales. What is important is that it’s clear the action you want the visitor to take to maximise the opportunity to convert. So how do you create a powerful landing page?

Landing pages: What works?

Once a visitor clicks through to your landing page, you have already convinced them your offer may be more appealing than the competition. It’s now vital that the call to action you want them to take is evident, visible as soon as they land on the page and informs them what to expect from you once they take the desired action. Ensure the page works across all devices and remain consistent in your tone and content. Clearly outlining the expectations and all relevant information will give your landing page the best chance of a conversion.

Landing pages: What doesn’t?

Never promise what you can’t deliver, and don’t overwhelm visitors with multiple calls to action – it’s likely they will end up clicking the back button than acting on any of your overtures. Also, ensure that the users you are targeting to bring to your landing page are the right ones. Nothing will result in someone clicking away faster if you aren’t focussing your campaigns correctly.

In essence, well-presented landing pages that set clear expectations will build trust with users and lead to increases in conversion.

Simon Sloan

Simon Sloan is working as an SEO expert and content writer at Koenig Web Design. He is an experienced graduate who has worked on literally hundreds of projects now from small to large and in every digital field including SEO, SMM, website content and press releases to mention but a few.