Advantages of professional website design

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In recent times website builders like Wix or Squarespace have provided a platform for anyone, regardless of technical ability, to build their own website for a relatively moderate cost. Using a website builder will allow you to select a pre-made template and configure it to suit your requirements. But does a website builder allow for a polished and professional looking website? Despite their convenience, they fail to deliver the finesse and functionality that only true website design can provide.

Below we will look at some of the crucial aspects of professional website design that our clients in Birmingham have benefitted from.

Expert design

With professional website design, you will benefit from the experience of someone who develops websites for clients on a daily basis. This means they will possess an intuitive knowledge of the best design practices and how to produce a balanced website. You will benefit from their experience of comprehending how users interact with a website and how to maximise conversions.

Bespoke design

One of the major drawbacks of using a website builder is your website won’t be your own; it will be a generic version of thousands of other websites competing for space on the net. By employing a website designer, you will be able to create a website that is specific to your company and your customer’s needs.

Increased conversion rates

As website builders only provide a generic template, it isn’t possible for them to be configured as a true conversion funnel. By using a website designer, they can develop your website so that it is conversion optimised, which will increase the chance of more leads and sales.

SEO Optimisation

While website builders do allow for some SEO optimisation, they don’t really provide the full spectrum approach that a knowledgable website developer will adopt. Developers will be able to identify the keywords to target for your business and ensure your website is fully optimised for these keywords. This means that once it’s launched your website should start to rank well for those keyword searches in organic results.

Technical support

When you hire a website designer, you not only receive a professional looking website but also ongoing support if you should encounter any hitches. You’ll be able to rest safely in the knowledge that someone can understand the problem and resolve it efficiently.

In conclusion, although website builders will be perfectly suitable for lots of people, it is worth investing extra money with a professional website design company to ensure that the finished product attracts customers and converts visitors to sales. For more information on website design contact our Birmingham sales team today.

Steve Nightingale

Steve Nightingale is the Digital Marketing Head at Koenig Web Design. As a Social Media, SEO & SEM expert with over 6 years’ experience in online marketing, he uses his vast industry knowledge to formulate strategies to meet customer goals.