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Why Your Business Should Embrace Web Design

It’s almost inconceivable to some that any Birmingham or Solihull business in 2019 may not have a website. But while some may say that not every business needs a website, all commercial enterprises can benefit from a foray into the world of web design. Lots of business owners are daunted by website design because it’s […]

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Digital Marketing Ideas

The elements of website brand building

If you’re a budding entrepreneur looking to unite your new brand with a website, there is several website design factors that you need to consider. Building a consistent brand on your website is what will help attract and retain customers. Every element of the site, from fonts to colours, will have an impact on the […]

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Web design Birmingham

Where to position your logo

Does your site have stunning web design? Check. Does it feature fantastic content and images? You bet. Nonetheless, if you’re business logo is situated in the wrong place; it can seriously damage your brand recognition. Top left corner The number one spot to place your business logo is in the top left, which is precisely […]

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Website Developer Birmingham

Advantages of professional website design

In recent times website builders like Wix or Squarespace have provided a platform for anyone, regardless of technical ability, to build their own website for a relatively moderate cost. Using a website builder will allow you to select a pre-made template and configure it to suit your requirements. But does a website builder allow for […]

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Website Designers Birmingham

Five website design trends for 2019

Year on year website design is increasing in intelligence, functionality and aesthetics. Recent developments have seen the inclusion of chatbots on websites and the emergence of responsive web design. But what will 2019 bring? Here are the top five web design trends to look out for. Thumb-centric design A recent book by Josh Clark, Designing […]

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The importance of SEO in web design

If you own a business and your website isn’t SEO optimised then you could be seriously missing out on additional revenue. SEO is one of the most crucial investments that you can make as a business as the investment will produce long-term value for your website that will make your company and brand more visible. […]

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Website Design Agency Birmingham

Web Development – Agency Vs In House

When you begin to work on a new web development project, it can be tough to decide whether to use an in house developer or to hire an agency. Before you make a decision, you need to understand the risks / rewards for both. There are many factors to compare and contrast, but focusing on […]

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SEO Solihull

How to reduce the bounce rate?

Have you been struggling to get more visitors, improve email signups or get more leads? One reason could be a higher bounce rate. In other words, visitors on your landing page that ‘bounce off’ before you get a chance to convert them. When you see a high bounce rate, it probably means your website needs […]

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