Digital Agency

The Role of a Digital Agency

In the past, people working within the marketing profession would be divided into distinct categories. Now with the emergence of the digital agency, skill sets often crossover between designers and those with technical web-based skills. This allows digital agencies to be able to provide marketing strategy, inspirational and effective design and web-based development for business. […]

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Great Web Design

The Importance of Great Web Design

I’ve been running a number of pizza shops in the Birmingham and Solihull area for the last 20 years. Over time, my chain of stores has built a reputation for great quality pizzas and fantastic homemade coleslaw, but recently a large national pizza chain had opened nearby that dramatically affected the number of delivery orders […]

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Business website

5 Benefits of Having a Website for your Business

Successful businesses that operate without a website are fine but imagine the untapped sales potential they are missing out on by not having an online footprint. Analysis of small to medium-sized companies in the Birmingham and Solihull area showed that almost 40% were missing out on these 5 key benefits of having a website. A […]

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Websites Security

WordPress Websites Security Audit

WordPress is the most commonly used CMS system across the globe, it powers millions of blogs, eCommerce and other websites. As their popularity increases the threat to these websites from malware and viruses also increases. Intruders aim to exploit online privacy and divert traffic to contaminated websites, this is a concern for designers/developers as it […]

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mobile app

Developing A Successful Android App Project

The Android app is a major consideration for any project these days. Developing an android app is a seamless process but there are some major considerations before you go too far. Whether you are developing the app for your client or a business, you need a clear idea about your customers needs, wants and expectations […]

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WordPress website Birminghan

The Designer’s essential guide to a WordPress website

WordPress has become the most popular and user-friendly CMS available when compared to other content management platforms. However, its popularity does make it a target for hackers and spammers. Most people across the industry know how to secure a page but forget to focus on providing limited files and folder access too. Securing a page […]

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AMP Ready Pages

Why do I need AMP Ready Pages for my website?

It’d be an outdated question if we ask, is your website optimised for mobile? Today’s question is how quickly does your website respond when one visits your website through mobile? If it takes some time to load your potential clients will have a negative user experience and may leave your website without making an enquiry. […]

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Artificial Intelligence

Google & Facebook – Artificial Intelligence is changing the digital search experience

Search engines have become an integral part of almost every day life and giants like Google & Microsoft are continuously investing in their search engines to make search results more accurate and convenient for users. Google in particular is continuously adding new features and improving the search algorithms. When filtering results across this wide network, […]

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